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I've only seen the first two season of UK Being Human and I honestly prefer all four of US Being Human. They start out similarly enough, but I think the latter seasons of the US one are my favorite. The show is one of the few where it actually ends really, really well.

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I really recommend seasons 4 & 5 of the UK version. The new trio are incredibly adorable, and I connected with all of them way more than I ever did the original three.

I definitely will give the US one another go. I've been wanting a supernatural show to watch lately, so it will do nicely. And I'm glad to hear it ends well, because so many shows don't :D
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I'll be sure to check out the later seasons of the UK version.

And yes, I'm hesitant at this point to start shows if I don't know they end well because I've been so disappointed in the past (Lost, The 4400). I mean, I was sad it ended but it was a fitting ending and resolved nicely.