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I hope no one's shaming you for reading at your own pace and saying you can't be a true book-lover if you don't read X amount of books, OP, because that's really not cool. I do get engrossed in books and when I get one I really love, it almost physically hurts to put it down before I'm done. On the other hand, I can't read all day. Even when I was a kid and had copious amounts of time, I'd get a headache and my eyes would start to hurt if I tried to spend the whole day reading. I tend to switch positions a lot when I read because staying in one position makes my neck hurts. I love the smell of new books, but old book smell is kinda gross. I love looking at pictures of people's pristine bookshelves full of literary knicknacks, but it'd drive me crazy to have my own bookshelf like that and I have no desire to own zillions of books. Even if it's a release I'm really looking forward to, I always wait for the library to get a copy and I only buy it if the book truly blows me away.