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First of all - congratulations! Your hard work paid off, that's awesome!
And now, you get to work with your inspiration and, well, crush. YAY.

And i get that that's amazingly awkward. But please - first, try not to put too much emphasis on it. This person doesn't know you have a crush, so unless you do something really silly and obvious, like try to grab them or start leaving them notes or talking about it to everyone, they won't say a word to you.

Even if they *do* suspect, they are not going to get you fired, or ridicule you, and they're also not going to encourage you; i'm sure it's happened to them before, so they just deal with it and move on.

All you need to do? Is be professional. Know your lines, know your blocking, help your fellow cast-members. Be on time, be smart, pay attention. If you sigh and have heart-eyes every now and again, well, it's no big deal. Just be the professional you are (and want to be), and let them be that professional, as well.

And store up all these moments you get to have, of them as human being (remember, that's what they are), them as a person with a private life you might get to see glimpses of, them as a working actor, sharing the craft with you, and treasure them.

If you concentrate on being the best you can, being spot-on, doing the job, and contributing to the day-to-day (rather than mooning over them from the shadows), they'll come away with a good impression of you, a fond memory, and possibly a little hand up to the next level of your career.

Good luck, and *have fun*!


(Anonymous) 2017-05-15 11:57 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much for your elaborate, reasonable advice, I really appreciate it.
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Re: OP

[personal profile] tabaqui 2017-05-15 02:53 pm (UTC)(link)
You're welcome. :)