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(Anonymous) 2017-05-15 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
Well OP, as an artist I think what you're doing is a kindness.

Sure, honesty is always great. If someone was going to submit their art to a gallery, contest, or just anything professional. Yeah, that'd be the time to pull them aside and tell them they're not ready. But in general, a little confidence boost doesn't hurt.

In my experience, it's the positive feedback that made me grow as an artist. I used to be so critical on every.little. thing that it stopped being fun. I remember thinking to myself one day, 'How has being hard on myself, and encouraging others to do so, how has that improved my art?'

The answer. Not one little bit.

Then I went to an art class for beginners. My teacher constantly gave positive feed back with her technical instruction. I knew what she was doing, but it worked. We were all still trying to improve, but it created an environment where the fear of failure no longer crippled us. We just relaxed and focused on our art. The progress I made in those few months, was more than I'd made in years.

So try not to feel to bad about it, positive reinforcement goes a long way. And really, if the artist wants constructive criticism, they can ask for it. Or post it to an art community designed for that purpose.