fscom ([personal profile] fscom) wrote in [community profile] fandomsecrets 2017-07-12 10:41 pm (UTC)

Transcript by OP

I have this really strange fear that I will somehow, suddenly and quite accidentally, become famous and important and I will be terribly embarrassed by my fannish life, not because I’ve had a fannish life, but because I’ve done some truly awful cosplay.

Like, suddenly I’ll be president without even meaning to be, and everyone will go online and say “Holy shit, that’s some bad cosplay!” and it will be a huge scandal and the press briefing questions will be like “No, seriously, what were you thinking with that?” and I will never live it down.

I have absolutely no ambitions in any direction that would likely put me in the kind of position where there would be that level of scrutiny, but it remains a nagging fear.

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