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I'm more interested in genderswapped stories (like Ghostbusters or the soon-to-come-out Oceans # whatever) than i am with genderswapped fic.

*Mostly* because i'm in it for the slash (meaning, i like to read m/m porn, i like to have two leads that 'Hollywood' or 'the media' have deemed hyper-masculine and TOTALLY STRAIGHT YOU GUYZ) be silly, cuddly, sexy, and emotionally mature). F/F is fine, but it doesn't interest me or trip my trigger.

And i utterly despise fic that preaches to me or wants to be make sure i understand 'the struggle' - I don't read m/m stories that focus on how hard it is to be gay, and i don't want to read a genderswapped Magnificent Seven and slog through pages of misogyny and rants about how women can 'do anything men can do'. Yes, they can, mostly, and no, i'm not interested in your lecture.

Fic is my happy, relaxing, fun-time place, and sadly, way too many genderswap fics, trans headcanon fics, and etc., just go too preachy, too politically correct and/or way too angsty for me.