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Nope. Marti had nothing to do with the last two seasons of "Angel," because she was heavily involved with "Buffy" as executive producer and showrunner in seasons six (and seven.

Joss stepped up his involvement during S4 and S5 "Angel" because David Greenwalt left at the end of S3.

"Firefly," S4 "Angel," and S7 "Buffy" were all concurrent, which meant that Joss had to let oversight on one of the series slides.

Since everyone knew S7 was "Buffy"'s last season, Joss pretty much left Marti run the day-to-day on Buffy while providing input on major storylines/plot-twists. His primary focus was on "Firefly," but his secondary focus was on "Angel" because that was still an on-going concern and wasn't in danger of being cancelled.

I remember all of the above because I remember people in "Buffy" fandom bitched about how Joss was abandoning "the show that made him" in favor of his shiny new toys.