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Since there's been some debate about which secrets get linked and which don't, I'd like your input!

Unfortunately, I can't link everything that's NSFW because what's NSFW varies. In some cases, things as commonly found in secrets as profanity in large text would be considered NSFW.

Things currently on the "link" list:
- explicit guro
- explicit nudity (of the pornographic type; art is fine)
- anything containing outright porn
- images that contain common triggers in visual (that is, not text) form (e.g. signs of self-injury, images of dub/non-con between characters, pictures of emaciated human beings. Things like images of real murders and genocide victims have also been used before)
- flashy "seizure" gifs
- anything in which children are sexualized (yes I did go back and link the Boku no Pico one, I'm sorry about that)

None of those things above are up for debate.

But there are times when it's not so clear cut. Like something that is censored but barely, or something that is definitely sexual but isn't explicitly showing any body parts. For example, there's a secret in this week's batch of two half-clothed people, and one is about to reach (consensually) into the other one's pants and is halfway there but hasn't quite made it yet, and there's kissing and touching that makes it obvious where it's heading. There's another secret of a character in a dress pulling the skirt part up, with a small censor over the genitalia but otherwise overtly sexualized.

What about things like that?

[Poll #1673008]

Remember, nothing is going to be censored - the secret will be posted like any other, in the body of the post, not in the bar at the bottom - just linked instead of embedded. And some people are more likely to pay attention to secrets linked for being porny anyway, so there's that!

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