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It'd hit it/I ship it, take two.

Two things to keep in mind before you vote!

1) Shipping/hitting secrets are still allowed currently as long as there's something more to the secret than the single sentiments "I ship it" or "I'd hit it." The only hit/ship secrets that get put in the failbar are the ones that don't have any other content besides "I ship it" or "I'd hit it." This vote is about the latter category, not the former.

2) Realize that as soon as secrets like the above are allowed back in, we'll have trolls spamming the submissions post with dozens of images with only "I ship it" or "I'd hit it" on them (probably of completely random/unrelated characters). So, prepare for a ton of spam along with the genuine secrets, since something as simple as "I ship it" or "I'd hit it" gives me no context with which to judge whether it's a spam troll or not.

[Poll #1793780]

As a side note, 'this is my ___-spiration' are going to remain gone and that's final, as all that became was pretty much a contest to find the best pun that ends in '-spiration' (and it's not so much different to say 'this inspires me to ___' in the first place).

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If they end up staying in the failbar, can we please rename the category to "shitspiration"?

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I don't understand why people want to see hitship secrets when all they say is I ship it. Why? You might find a rare pairing you thought only you shipped one out of a hundred times but is it worth the other 99 and half of those are stupid or trolling or mainstream anyway? Somebody explain this to me

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Plus it's not like you can't see the good ones when they're in the failbar. Just click the little numbers.

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I think they're fun and sometimes I like asking people speculating on why people are keeping the mainstream/tame stuff such a secret. Sure a lot of them are stupid or trolling but so are a lot of the other secrets.

But I don't mind that people want to keep them off the comm either. It's fine with me.

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Most of the time it's like how is this in any fucking way a secret, anyway.

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i ain't gotta explain shit!

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Aw, but -spiration secrets were my punspiration.

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oh man

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I can't appreciate trolls that lack creativity. No! Make 'em work for my entertainment.

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THIS. A bunch of people parroting a few lines "I ship it", "I judge you so hard", etc, is boring and tedious.

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maybe you could let them back in and when the rules change, make a special post for those kinds of secrets. you could make it like an ~"i ship it" event~ and that should take the brunt of the flood, then posting will resume mostly as normal?

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I like this idea.

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Unless your pairing is extremely odd, chances are you shipping it is not exactly a secret interesting enough to tell anybody.

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I still think it's a better idea to have a reason why the ship is a secret, even if it's just "this ship is very unpopular in fandom". That curbs the spam somewhat and makes the secret more interesting, especially for people who may not know the fandom.

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Keep 'em in the failbar, for sure. How hard is it to say "I ship it because x, y and z. s!b: My ass would catch on fire from all the flaming. Fandom hates this pairing." So you ship Data/Picard (OTP!). So what? Tell us why this is such a secret.

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To be honest, I'd be more for bringing back the -spiration secrets. I mean, a lot of them were actually legit. And I never got to make mine before they got banned. :(

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Dear people who write "I ship it" secrets,

The internet ships everything. No one gives a shit about what a person ships. You are not a special snowflake just because your ship is uncommon.
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lol so true

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I was never bothered by the hit/ship secrets. The ones that make me want to punch a baby are the "One time, I had this dream..."

Because almost every time, they fit into two categories:

"One time, I had a dream that I had sex with Catwoman Secret because I'm a straight woman!!1!"

"One time, I had a dream that Captain Picard and I flew to Narnia so we could ask Cinderella to fix the holes in our capes so we would be ready to fight the Stay Puffed Marshmellow Man. Secret because whaaaaaaaaa????"

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Actually, any secret that includes the phrase "but I'm a straight man/woman" in any way, shape or form makes me want to punch a baby.

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I like the idea of bringing them back but at the same time, I can see how spam would be a problem. Especially with the unrelated characters like you had mentioned. For me, the ship it secrets made me see that I wasn't the only one shipping this or that. I've found fic recs in the comments that I would have otherwise missed out on and even started an LJ community for some of the ships after I asked if the demand was there.

Is there a place where the secrets that aren't accepted here can get posted? On LJ or Tumblr ( perhaps? Maybe there can be a separate community and you can call it FS_graveyard or something.

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gone gone gone
ext_386190: little bird (IGNORE ME!!!!!)

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Awww I miss them. ;____; Idk why, probably because approximately all of my ships are kind of stupid and embarrassing. The secrets with really out there ships made me feel better about myself.

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I agree to these two and raise you a "I judge you" secret.

Those are so obnoxious.

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This. People judge others for the most petty things I swear...

Then again I don't think they should be banned per se. Only shooed and mocked.

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I think some of the secret restrictions are a significant factor in the reduced traffic this comm is seeing and I think allowing these secrets again would up participation.

Maybe try it again for a week, see how it goes?

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I'd say give it a trial run of two and three weeks (...maybe a month?), to give time for the opportunist spam to die down, and to see if there is a significant change in traffic or not.

What if those were the secrets that were bringing the traffic the comm used to have?
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i don't mind them, they amused me
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It's funny how all these random members mysteriously appear to vote in these things, when you never see them actually participating in conversations on f!s

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Comments take EEEFFFFOOOORRRRT, man.

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