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It'd hit it/I ship it, take two.

Two things to keep in mind before you vote!

1) Shipping/hitting secrets are still allowed currently as long as there's something more to the secret than the single sentiments "I ship it" or "I'd hit it." The only hit/ship secrets that get put in the failbar are the ones that don't have any other content besides "I ship it" or "I'd hit it." This vote is about the latter category, not the former.

2) Realize that as soon as secrets like the above are allowed back in, we'll have trolls spamming the submissions post with dozens of images with only "I ship it" or "I'd hit it" on them (probably of completely random/unrelated characters). So, prepare for a ton of spam along with the genuine secrets, since something as simple as "I ship it" or "I'd hit it" gives me no context with which to judge whether it's a spam troll or not.

[Poll #1793780]

As a side note, 'this is my ___-spiration' are going to remain gone and that's final, as all that became was pretty much a contest to find the best pun that ends in '-spiration' (and it's not so much different to say 'this inspires me to ___' in the first place).

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