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[ Panfandom Rec Meme ]


"I ship it!"
"I want fic!"
"I want art!"
"I don't care what it is, but I want it!"
"Where's the fandom?"

Rec meme! You ask for recs, and others provide (or fill!).

Maybe there's something you'd really like to see but you can't find it. Why not ask for help? It might be out there! Or maybe there's something you really loved reading and you want someone to geek over it with. Why not rec it to someone else? Maybe they'll love it too! Who knows, someone out there might be looking for something that sounds exactly like someone you know just created.

Don't feel bad about reccing your own stuff, either. Apparently someone else wants to see it, right?

OBLIGATORY TEXTBOX (optional, dont worry):

Regular post will be up soon!

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