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[ F!S Friending Meme XI ]

F!S Friending Meme XI

Name @ LJ: (if applicable)
What in fandom interests me:
What in fandom does NOT interest me:
Major Non-fandom Interests:
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly:
Other: (If you want to link pictures or something, do it here)

Everything is 100% optional, of course.

Rules: No porn, guro gifs, auto-looping/playing embeds, etc. To avoid excessive scrolling, if you're going to link an image or gif in your post, keep it to 3 images max. (If you abuse this rule by posting something 10000px in height, I'm just going to delete your whole thread.)

Easy copy-paste:

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wintergrey: Detail: A blue-eyed man wearing classes, in profile. (Default)

[personal profile] wintergrey 2012-06-02 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: (if applicable) winterknight
Name/Handle: Ev, Evith
Age/Location: Approaching Dumbledore/Canada
Fandoms: huge list in my profile, a lot of old school SF/F & paper fandoms but also some of their newer adaptations. Short list: Pern, Amber, Weis-Hickman, Fifth Millennium Series, Rats & Gargoyles, Dr. Who, X-Men (original flavour & Claremont run), original flavour Alphaflight, Dragon Age.
What in fandom interests me: meta, acafandom, fic, art, shaking my cane at people
What in fandom does NOT interest me: haven't found it yet
Major Non-fandom Interests: writing, editing, textile art, other media, video games, my little red dog
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: this one is all fandom stuff and whining
Other: n/a
teh_sandwich: (LOK: Korra)

[personal profile] teh_sandwich 2012-06-02 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: (if applicable) [profile] sandwich14
Name/Handle: Colleen, but you can call me sandwich
Age/Location: 20, Pacific Northwest
Fandoms: My two biggest fandoms as of late are Legend of Korra and Supernatural, but my other fandoms include Naruto, Bleach, Avatar: The Last Airbender, D. Gray Man, Soul Eater, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Axis Powers Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, Vampire Knight, Durarara!!!, Claymore, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Cantarella, Loveless, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, District 9, Ben 10, Gurren Lagann & Angel Beats.
What in fandom interests me: Fanfic, fanart, fanmixes...pretty much everything really!
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Um RPS I guess? Not a big fan of that.
Major Non-fandom Interests: Writing, reading, video games, being nerdy.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: IRL things, icons and fanfic on occasion, fangirling.
Other: If anyone is curious about pairings I ship, go HERE! It isn't updated with my LoK pairs yet.
Fanart not by me, it's just super cute!
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[personal profile] vethica 2012-06-03 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Iz dat sum Borra? Hello yes let us be friends please. :D

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[personal profile] malurette 2012-06-02 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Name/Handle: [personal profile] malurette
Age/Location: 27/France
Fandoms: tons! see [community profile] glyfic's list of interests and tags or this list for more info?
Main fandoms: FullMetal Alchemist (both manga & 1st anime), Bleach, bande dessinée at large ;
Latest obsession: Penguins of Madagascar
What in fandom interests me: ficcing, be it gen or shippy (also, I'm an unrepenting multi-shipper - all kinds of pairings)
What in fandom does NOT interest me: please keep pairings wars out?; also, not interested in RP
Major Non-fandom Interests: biology & other sciences, biking
My DW Contains Mostly: for now, reading notes on books I've read, loved/hated/just-meh'd over (in French only for now) and a few personal posts;
you can find my fics @ [ profile] glyfic (migration to DW not complete yet)
Other: I speak French, English, and understand Spanish too; right now my DW is mainly French-speaking but that can change in the future.

I'm a bit shy so I don't know if I'll go ahead friending people, but if you friend me I'll add you back!

[personal profile] lady_tagada 2012-06-03 01:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, et moi qui croyais qu'il n'y avait pas (ou presque pas) de personnes parlant français sur Dreamwidth ! En plus on a des fandoms en commun d'après ta liste, je peux t'ajouter ? =)

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catystorm: ([IM] Check out the ass on that one)

[personal profile] catystorm 2012-06-02 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: (if applicable) catystorm
Name/Handle: Catie
Age/Location: Twenty-something/Lexington, KY
Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist/Rurouni Kenshin, lots of one-off's anime and manga series, occasionally Supernatural, Avengers, lots of miscellaneous odds and ends.
What in fandom interests me: meta, community, writing fic & fan art
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Dunno.
Major Non-fandom Interests: Alchemy & occultism, cross-stitch.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Currently working as a fic/art/review feed with interspersed bits of real life.
Other: I ramble a lot about odds and ends. I write a shit-ton of FMA fanfic, collect DVDs and know far more about James Bond than anyone not really in the Bond fandom should know. I have a moderately geeky family who I post about because they amuse me. Come talk to me!
auntmo9: (Thor)

[personal profile] auntmo9 2012-06-03 12:36 am (UTC)(link)
Nice icon..and yeah for Avengers & Supernatural. I can't say I know much about ullmetal Alchemist/Rurouni Kenshin though. I knew someone who did though.

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[personal profile] multifangeek 2012-06-02 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Name/Handle: Jen

Age/Location: 30+ / east cost USA

Fandoms:Currently obsessed with Flashpoint, casually into Fringe, Castle and NCIS. Also started reading books by John Scalzi and Kathy Reichs.

What in fandom interests me: Some discussion of episodes, participating in fandom challenges, looking at other people's fan creations (art, icons, vids), and sometimes reading fanfic depending on the show.

What in fandom does NOT interest me: ship wars, character bashing - AKA generally anything that leads to wank because that's no fun...

Major Non-fandom Interests:All of my interests are fandom! Unless you want to count web design/database admin, which is my day job.

My DW Contains Mostly: Fandom related stuff - commentary on the shows I'm watching, challenge responses.

Other: As I said above I'm currently obsessed with Flashpoint - so much so I started posting stuff at [community profile] flashpoint. That fizzled out both because no one was responding and recent news that Flashpoint would be ending with the upcoming season 5. I still would love to talk to someone about it though! Here's my flashpoint love post on my own journal...
lucifuge5: (Flashpoint LOVE)

[personal profile] lucifuge5 2012-06-02 10:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Ugh, Flashpoint! *high-five of FP!love*

Don't know if you're aware, but there's a current FP Season 4 rewatch going on every Sunday. We're about 6 eps from the end of the season (and then, we're moving to watching C6D movies for about a month and a half. Details.) :)

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[personal profile] ashclaw 2012-06-02 09:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: Ashclaw
Name: Charlie
Age/Location: 21 | N. Ireland, UK

Fandoms: There's a list here. It also includes general interests, which is why I took away that bit. At the moment, stuff I'm super in to off the top of my head includes Guild Wars 2, Avengers, Skyrim, the Fallout series of games, Mass Effect series, and Dragon Age series.
What in fandom interests me: Fic, Art, Icons, Discussions, Crossovers.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Ship Wars, mostly. I'm the sort who will literally ship anything and everything, so I don't like pairing arguments. Character Bashing is pretty uncool too.

My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Not much right now in comparison to my LJ, but the idea is the same. I'm working on using a journal regularly again, and I plan to post things related to my own life, the games I'm playing, shows I'm watching, books I'm reading etc.

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[personal profile] thousandneedles 2012-06-03 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
Another Bioware lover, yay! The Avengers has taken over my life lately, too, or maybe 'again,' so...friends?

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[personal profile] dolorosa_12 2012-06-02 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: (if applicable) [personal profile] dolorosa_12. (I'm on Dreamwidth with the same username.)
Name/Handle: Ronni
Age/Location:27, Germany.
Fandoms: My main larger fandoms are the Jossverse, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. I lurk in several other fandoms, but my main interest is a whole bunch of tiny fandoms (mainly for fantasy novels and YA literature) that have about five or ten people in them. My userinfo has all of them listed.
What in fandom interests me: Meta, commentary, fic, art - everything really
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Drama.
Major Non-fandom Interests: Reading, writing, music, studying dead medieval languages and literatures, travelling.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Life stuff, meta, reviews and link posts.
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[personal profile] aibro 2012-06-05 04:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Pretty Little Liars! Are you excited for season 3 too?

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[personal profile] thesunalsorises 2012-06-02 09:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Name/Handle: Tasha
Age/Location: 22/Upstate NY
Fandoms: Final Fantasy XII, (Also III, VII, X, XIII, Tactics A2, and Dissidia, but XII is my favorite, and the one I managed to finish), My Little Pony, Legend of Zelda, Inuyasha, Harry Potter, and other miscellaneous things I forgot to mention.
What in fandom interests me: fan fiction, role play, meta, fan art,
What in fandom does NOT interest me: pairing wars.
Major Non-fandom Interests: sewing, Wicca and witchcraft, Ball Jointed Dolls, kimono, Japanese fashion, painting, and crafting in general,
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Fan fiction and occasionaly RL stuff when I bother to update.

kitteh touching a doggy's nose

3d kitteh

Reposted, because I messed up the HTML.
thene: Nono, the moogle mechanic from FFXII (moogle love)

[personal profile] thene 2012-06-02 10:54 pm (UTC)(link)

Hi. Why does no one appreciate III? It is adorable and I love smothering it in headcanons.

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[personal profile] hwc 2012-06-02 09:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: [profile] hunterwithcause
Name/Handle: hwc, hunterwithcause
Age/Location: 21, Germany
Fandoms: Ugh, too many to name. I'm pretty into Avengers at the moment, but I'm also a comics fan (Young Avengers! And Teen Titans on the DC side), love both the comics and the cartoon version of Young Justice, like manga/anime (One Piece, Skip Beat!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara!!, Sailor Moon,...), TV series (Merlin, Revenge, Stargate SG-1,...), books (Harry Potter, The Administration series,...)
What in fandom interests me: Fics, vids and art (but only looking at it ;)), discussions... pretty much everything goes!
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Shipping wars, celebrity stalking.
Major Non-fandom Interests: Does writing fall under a fandom interest? I play volleyball and am in a marching band.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Fic. Now that I'll be spending more time on DW thanks to f!s though I'll hope to change that. :)
daroos: (Default)

[personal profile] daroos 2012-06-03 12:28 am (UTC)(link)
I'm with you on the too many to name front for fandoms. I'm getting to the too-many-to-remember point. :)

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kaileighblue: Icon of a character from Pumpkin Scissors (Default)

[personal profile] kaileighblue 2012-06-02 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ:spam_27 not that it matters. I never participated there.

Name/Handle: Kaileigh Blue. KB for short

Age/Location: Louisiana

Fandoms: Tangled (and Disney in general I guess.), Legend of Korra, Marvel Comics, Wonder Woman, Greek Mythology specifically Pan and satyrs, Saints Row

What in fandom interests me: FanArt, Discussion about canon,

What in fandom does NOT interest me: Graphic sex. Inorite? I don't hate people for it I just tend to avoid it. SJ wars and Oppression Olympics.

Major Non-fandom Interests: Art, making comics, Gardening, learning to cook, Vidja games. I really like talking about making art and comics and learning new techniques.

My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Nothing. I deleted most of my LJ posts and I've not used DW so far. If I decide to use it it would probably be fanart. Lots of fanart.

Other: I haven't participated much on DW looking to maybe try it out. I'm curious if there are fanart comms like there are fanfic coms. Like fanart kink memes or art prompts? I don't write much. Art is my thing.

P.S.: Art.

teh_sandwich: (LOK: Borra hug)

[personal profile] teh_sandwich 2012-06-03 06:28 am (UTC)(link)
That's some nice fanart of Bolin! *3*
tasogare_n_hime: (Default)

[personal profile] tasogare_n_hime 2012-06-02 09:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: tasogare_n_hime
Name/Handle: Holly
Age/Location: 28(soon to be 29)/US
Fandoms: Mostly Last Exile so expect to see it a lot from me, a little bit Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Okami, Harry Potter, Thundercats 2011, Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
What in fandom interests me: Shipping, fanfic, plot bunnies, fanart, discussion.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: People being douche nozzles, I'm sure there are other things I just can't think of them right now.
Major Non-fandom Interests: Drawing, my cats(animals in general), walking, food
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Not much/fanfic, possibly art in the future.
Other: Not much else to say, I have a tumbler here once again it will mostly be Last Exile stuff just to warn you.
vethica: (Default)

[personal profile] vethica 2012-06-03 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
Mind if I friend you over here too? :B

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glamjam: (Mad Men; pink Joan)

[personal profile] glamjam 2012-06-02 09:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: glam_jam
Name/Handle: Mary / Glamjam
Age/Location: 27 / Oregon, USA
Fandoms: Hot Fuzz, Mad Men, Sherlock, Spaced, Doctor Who, Black Books, The Young Ones, Shaun of the Dead, Jeeves & Wooster
What in fandom interests me: fanart and meta, especially
What in fandom does NOT interest me: not sure?
Major Non-fandom Interests: art, feminism, cooking, devouring booksreading, crafting, zines
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: non-fandom life stuff, fangirling, fandom stuff when-I-can-get-off-my-butt-and-do-something
Other: Random, but I want to learn Spanish sometime. And finish learning German.
Edited 2012-06-02 21:51 (UTC)
dolorosa_12: (Default)

[personal profile] dolorosa_12 2012-06-03 10:38 am (UTC)(link)
I don't share a huge number of fandoms with you (except Black Books, which is just wonderful), but you mentioned meta and feminism, both of which I love. Mind if I add you?

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aestivalis: (⌈sacramentum⌋)

[personal profile] aestivalis 2012-06-02 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: gargantsurprise
Name/Handle: Gargant
Age/Location: Twenty-four, United Kingdom

Fandoms: STARZ Spartacus franchise, Tales of..., Final Fantasy (particularly X and earlier), Maoh: Juvenile Remix, Teppu, Ravenous, A Song Of Ice And Fire/GoT (Theon, Stannis, Jorah, my favourites), Simoun, doubtless many things I am not mentioning those are just what are most prominent at the moment :x!

What in fandom interests me: Meta, especially character-driven meta. I think I like talking about characters and fandoms more than anything else, although I certainly have no qualms with fan art or fan fiction...! Shipping is a-okay, I'll just want meta for that too.

What in fandom does NOT interest me: I can't think of anything particularly. I do not know anything about actors/celebrities, ahh.

Major Non-fandom Interests: I'm going to say RP here because I RP original characters pretty much exclusively these days. A good percent of my internet social time is occupied with OC's and meta about said OC's, so be warned! I love to see what other people do in this field as well, haha. I enjoy writing generally, ahhh, a very great deal :<

My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Unfortunately at the moment, my most used tag is 'work'. HOW TERRIBLE. But I would love to have some more fandom-based reasons to rectify this atrocity, hahaha. Fandom friends come to me. Otherwise though, and as prior mentioned, expect OC chatter. That's what my LJ had a lot of, and I have a heck of a lot more of that running on DW, so.


why yes I am going to be one of those annoying GIF people, hush
lucifuge5: (Default)

[personal profile] lucifuge5 2012-06-02 10:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: [ profile] lucifuge_5. DW *is* my fannish home though.

Name/Handle: [personal profile] lucifuge5 (my friends call me Luce too)

Age/Location: Old enough / East Coast, U.S.A.

Fandoms: Bandom is my main one (with My Chemical Romance at the top). I'm also very much into Canadian Six Degrees (or, C6D) which includes a lot of smaller fandom (Battlestar Galactica, Flashpoint, Slings & Arrows, etc.) and Rupaul's Drag Race. Secondary fandoms (in which I'm there as a reader only): American Idol S8, Inception, HBO's ROME, Whedonverse, The Wire and Veronica Mars.

What in fandom interests me: Fanworks (such as fic, fanart, podfic, vids), meta, meeting peeps and having convos about anything from the serious to the silly.

What in fandom does NOT interest me: Ship wars, wank about characters, fandoms, kink and LGTB things.

Major Non-fandom Interests: Books (especially YA and M/M romances), fashion, tattoos, ♥ coffee ♥ .

My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Fannish squee (in the form of picspams), recs, fics, random meta, memes and a few entries about my offline life.

Edited (HTML fail that I had to clean up) 2012-06-03 02:00 (UTC)
tinknevertalks: Happy smiley Sakura. (Default)

[personal profile] tinknevertalks 2012-06-05 09:31 am (UTC)(link)
Oh Gerard, never change. :)

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mikogalatea: Rosemariné from Kaze to Ki no Uta, running a hand through the curls of his hair and looking pleased with himself. ([KazeKi] Rosemariné; fabulous)

[personal profile] mikogalatea 2012-06-02 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: [ profile] cybersky
Name/Handle: Gala
Age/Location: 25/England
Fandoms: Utena, Madoka Magica, various oldschool shoujo series, Narutaru, Bokurano, Toward the Terra, Star Ocean series, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, Pokémon, and a bunch of other things. Mostly animanga and video games, in other words.
What in fandom interests me: Character analysis and other levelheaded essays/discussion, fanfic, fanart... that sort of thing.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Character bashing, shipping kerfluffles, general wankiness I can't laugh at, making fandom overly political.
Major Non-fandom Interests: Writing, pets, plushies, cute nightwear, listening to symphonic metal and some other kinds of music.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: lol I've barely been updating it lately Mostly fandom stuff, peppered with complaints about British weather and similarly random things. Most RL-related posts are flocked.
mercoledi: (Default)

[personal profile] mercoledi 2012-06-03 12:50 am (UTC)(link)
Madoka Magica + Pokémon + love for fandom essays? I like you. :D Friends?

Also, just want to say that TWEWY gets tons better after the first week. b)'')b

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[personal profile] citrinesunset 2012-06-02 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: citrinesunset
Name/Handle: citrinesunset or Allen.
Age/Location: 23 / U.S.
Fandoms: Inception, Fringe, Torchwood, Buffy/Angel, Showtime's Spartacus series, Arrested Development. I'm casually into Supernatural, and have recently gotten interested in White Collar.
What in fandom interests me: Fic, meta and discussion, fan art (no talent at making it, though), joining fic fests, exchanges, and big bangs.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Shipping wars and similar drama.
Major Non-fandom Interests: Non-fannish writing, editing, computer games, cats, reading, tarot reading.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: My fic, stuff about my writing, stuff about my fandoms, some personal stuff.
Other: I use the same username on Twitter and Tumblr if you want to check me out there. I don't know a whole lot of fandom people on either of those sites, so I definitely welcome it.
daroos: (Default)

[personal profile] daroos 2012-06-03 12:29 am (UTC)(link)
Nothing substantive just, WHITE COLLAR YAAAAAAAAY!!!!

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meidos: (#meido * sweeps)

[personal profile] meidos 2012-06-02 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: maid
Name/Handle: Maddy, Maid
Age/Location: 20 / USA
Fandoms: Touhou Project, Mad Men, EarthBound, Natsume Yuujincho, Pokemon... see my user info for a complete list.
What in fandom interests me: Headcanon stuff, femslash, worldbuilding, character relations, femslash, sometimes writing fic, femslash.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Nothing in particular
Major Non-fandom Interests: Marine sealife, dogs, Japanese language, hats, and craftwork (I'm really into knitting, embroidery, and crochet right now!).
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Real life stuff and fandom excitement, with the occasional doodle or photo post.
Other: If you'd like, add me on VDex too!
Edited 2012-06-02 22:31 (UTC)
mercoledi: (Default)

[personal profile] mercoledi 2012-06-03 12:51 am (UTC)(link)
Adding because your interests are beautiful. 8D (Sherlock, Pokémon, and Madoka, for a few.) Also, VDex is all sorts of awesome too.

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hoodlum: (JFashion : Ayumi - bread milk sugar)

[personal profile] hoodlum 2012-06-02 10:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Name/Handle: Kasumi
Age/Location: 23/Canada
Fandoms: currently Shirokuma Cafe, Tsuritama, Sakamichi no Apollon, Tiger & Bunny, DOGS B&C, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Death Note, Kaiji, Metalocalypse, ANTM. tv-wise, I am mostly into anime and enjoy watching new shows as they air :> I am also a (reasonably casual) fan of SHINee and EXO lol
What in fandom interests me: fanworks, chatting, in-depth discussion
What in fandom does NOT interest me: shipwars, character bashing, etc.
Major Non-fandom Interests: street fashion, cosplay, film, psychology & sociology, languages, creepy things
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: it's pretty empty rn, but hopefully fandom with bits of rl to come
englishsparkle: The cake is a lie (nyan)

[personal profile] englishsparkle 2012-06-02 10:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Name/Handle: Sparkle
Age/Location: 18, England
Fandoms: Portal/Half-Life, The Sims
What in fandom interests me: Good fanfic, speculating about new games/features
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Shipping wars, people fighting
Major Non-fandom Interests: TV (I enjoy Regular Show and Adventure Time, but not enough to consider joining those fandoms), videogames, Disney (especially the parks <3)
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Nothing ATM.
Other: I'm generally very squeeish, especially where cute animals are concerned.
thene: Nono, the moogle mechanic from FFXII (moogle love)

[personal profile] thene 2012-06-02 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: [ profile] athenemiranda
Name/Handle: Thene
Age/Location: 27/Boston
Fandoms: Mostly Metal Gear and Final Fantasy right now. I stick mostly to videogames, or sometimes comics and books, and more rarely movies.
What in fandom interests me: Fanfic, especially if it is commenting on canon in some way, meta, good prose, dark themes/idfic, rare fandoms and pairings.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: tumblr, celebrities, 'lolrandom' crack, television shows.
Major Non-fandom Interests: I have non-fandom interests? History, politics (for want of a better word; my main focuses right now are immigration rights and learning about finance and accounting), religion, triphop/techno, taking long walks with my dog.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Links to stuff you might like to read, personal life stuff, funny chatlogs, meta, recs and reviews.
Other: I used to read FS every day but I stopped several years ago because I didn't have the time any more, and I'm taking FS's move to Dreamwidth as an opportunity to get back on the wagon.
ishime: (Default)

[personal profile] ishime 2012-06-02 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: ishime
Name/Handle: ishime
Age/Location: 22, France.
A ton. Mainly mangas, plus some web series and comics, a few books and some other things. More detailed list here.
Main mangas: Bleach, CLAMP series, HunterxHunter, Kekkaishi, Naruto, One Piece, Reborn!, Soul Eater, Yuyu Hakusho.
Main others: Pokémon, the Dresden Files, the Wardstone Chronicles / the Last Apprentice, Vocaloid. Trying to get into Batman stuff.
Currently obsessing over Supernatural.
What in fandom interests me:
Fics, fanarts, fanmixes, doujinshi, meta, roleplaying... Also shipping, especially yaoi/slash, like there's no tomorrow.
What in fandom does NOT interest me:
Ship wars and really terrible writers, I guess.
Major Non-fandom Interests:
Music (read: rock), gender studies and feminism, and a lot of random stuff I researched for my writing (psychiatry, tarots, Russian and Japanese folklore, among other things). RPGmaker. Stupid, mean or hilarious critics from That Guy With the Glasses (the website) - especially Todd's pop song reviews. Also politics, but I don't really talk about it on the internet.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly:
My fics, some drawings, fangirling and a truckload of fandom-related ranting.
mercoledi: TO THE NEGI CAVE, ROBIN. (Negimobile)

[personal profile] mercoledi 2012-06-03 12:53 am (UTC)(link)
You sound like an all-around awesome person just from your non-fandom interests. High five for writing research leading to "oh hey that's awesome"? :D

Also, quite agreed on the TGWTG front.


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corner_of_woes: (sherlock: best bros ever)

[personal profile] corner_of_woes 2012-06-02 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: corner_of_woes
Name/Handle: Elyse
Age/Location: 21; Ontario, Canada
Anime: Bakemonogatar/Nisemono, Digimon, Mirai Nikki, Panty&Stocking, Puella Magic Madoka Magica, Sakamichi no Apollon, Tiger&Bunny, Tsuritama, Yumekui Merry

Other: Sherlock, Homestuck, Monster Pulse, How to train your dragon Doctor Who, Community, Kingdom Hearts, QI, Suits, Game of Thrones (tv only), The Borgias, Vocaloid, Adventure time, black books, Downton Abbey, fortysomething, Endgame, Luther, IT crowd, Legend of Korra, Avatar: the last air bender, Cabin Pressure, Avengers/Marvel.

What in fandom interests me: fan fics (bad fic Fridays too), fan art, DISCUSSIONS, fanmixes, meta, SHIPPING ALL THE SHIPS POSSIBLE
What in fandom does NOT interest me: wankkkkkkkk but mostly ship wars
Major Non-fandom Interests: Science, tea, biking, cats, reptiles, late night wiki and tumblr surfing
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Real life adventures, anime posts, reviews and photo spams
mercoledi: TO THE NEGI CAVE, ROBIN. (Negimobile)

[personal profile] mercoledi 2012-06-03 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
I don't know why, but I can't stop watching your GIF.

Also, your interests are awesome. :D Hells yes for bad fanfic Fridays.

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[personal profile] shinsengumi 2012-06-02 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: cruxis
Name/Handle: Fel
Age/Location: 22, Canada

Fandoms: Largely original characters now, but. Yuugiou, Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, Shin Megami Tensei (assorted), Fire Emblem, Radiant Historia, Golden Sun, Rurouni Kenshin, DragonBallZ. I've watched and read quite a lot of stuff I'm willing to discuss, though. I really don't do real people fandom anymore (though I spent a long time in LOTR RPS, years ago now).

What in fandom interests me: Discussion! In-depth meta. Philosophical business. Graphics. I am okay on shipping provided there can be discussion on it. Truly I do not shut up.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: Drama, disrespect, intense shipping, banal humour, bad puns. Er, voice actors and live-action crew in any way.

Major Non-fandom Interests: Writing. Music, books, collecting RPGs. Philosophical discussion (friends and I once considered the capacity of a dead cow to give milk). Understanding the world through D&D metaphors.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Mumbling, really. OC chatter always. Opinionssssssss.

awwwww yisssssss
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[personal profile] vethica 2012-06-03 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
A Baccano! gif? We are legally obligated to be friends now. :D

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[personal profile] vulgariter 2012-06-02 11:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Name @ LJ: (if applicable) Not applicable, buuuut I do waste my life on Tumblr under thsi same handle.
Name/Handle: Vulgariter. Universal except on XBL where it was taken. BOO.
Age/Location: 23/Ass End of Nowhere, USA
Fandoms: Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, X-Files, Fallout (esp New Vegas), and a million other obscure diddly-doos.
What in fandom interests me: All of it. The fics, the art, the love and hate. Fandom is like watching a mini-society eat itself alive and build itself back up again, and it's GLORIOUS.
What in fandom does NOT interest me: G-Mod Porn.
Major Non-fandom Interests: That implies life outside of fandom.
My LJ/DW Contains Mostly: Fics these days. Most of my blathering goes on Tumblr, save for the more private matters that I may discuss here. Really, I prefer to read other blogs than blog about myself.
Other: I refuse to see The Avengers until I've seen Iron Man 2, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America FOR CONTINUITY REASONS.
thene: A fearsome ninja biscuit poised to attack. But some crumbs have fallen, reminding us of our frailty in the face of time (ninja biscuits)

[personal profile] thene 2012-06-03 01:25 am (UTC)(link)
Thor is very plot-relevant to The Avengers. The others, not so much, and I'm still wishing I could scrape Iron Man 2 off my eyeballs.

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