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(Anonymous) 2017-02-12 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
I think it's near impossible to find a fandom where people don't care about ships, individual fans may not care but there will always be people shipping something. And Rebecca herself is so obsessed with who she ends up with (for very unhealthy reasons) that it becomes easy as an audience member to wonder yourself.

As far as Rebecca hate versus Josh hate goes, I think the thing about Rebecca is she's been messy since episode 1, but we are supposed to know about her inner thoughts and feelings a bit more then we know about Josh's. I tend to go back and forth with her, sometimes I feel really bad for her and other times I'm appalled by her behavior and don't think mental illness is an excuse for her action.

Josh was a bit more of a genuine nice guy in season 1, he had his problems, but it wasn't until season 2 that you really see that he's just as much of a mess as Rebecca is. A lot of what we saw of Josh before was through Rebecca's idealization of him, so I feel like some fans are just coming around to finding things they hate about him, if he had been presented a messy person from the beginning people might be more willing to forgive like they do with Rebecca.