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Wow, fuck you, buddy. I have filled out over 200 applications since November, and only slowed down on applying because I literally ran out of places in my local area that I hadn't already applied to. The only responses I've gotten back have been about a dozen form e-mails saying "thanks, but no thanks."

Never assume that someone who doesn't have a job isn't trying to get hired.
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This, so fucking much. Anything "just get a job"-anon can think of to get hired has been thought of, tried (multiple times), and/or dismissed because reality set in.

Like when someone chirped in with "Just apply outside your local area--" and I had to stop myself from exploding because what the hell makes you think I can afford moving or getting a car while unemployed?

And hey, the place I'm employed at now? Got there by pure chance, not because I gave up all my hobbies to jobhunt.