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Criminal Minds


[Nadiya Hussain, from Great British Bake Off series 6]


[Wicked the Musical]


[Yaya Han]


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Re: what job is this btw?

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I add southern England for this as my husband worked in film studios - so anywhere near London area and you can try enquiring. Pinewood does lots of major productions that want lots of extras. In Scotland ... yep, only whomever wants to film a Game of Thrones episode :| or ads.

You could find some place that can hire you for a day or two a week to have it more planned and if it is below official part-time hours or on zero contract - most would. Hell, my brain is rotting without ~le black market job~ and would love to do anything but legs do not work :| plus black market does not give you work history. Woe is me.