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(Anonymous) 2017-03-19 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
First, stop right there with the "JK Rowling knows best" crap. An author can intend a character to comes across a certain way all they want, and have their own intentions with the character, but what's in the text is what's in the text. No one, absolutely no one, is obligated to think Snape is a "good person" because Rowling says so.

Second, obviously Snape did some good things. That's a plot point, after all. He also actually was an abusive bully to the students, and did his best to get Sirius and Lupin's souls sucked out of them. I'm fairly comfortable calling him a fucking asshole. Even fucking assholes can do the occasional heroic or well-intentioned thing.

In short, people have every right to hate Snape and recall more clearly him being a dick the vast majority of the series than an anti-hero. Just like people have the right to like Snape and think his sacrifices make up for the douchebaggery. To each their own.

(Anonymous) 2017-03-20 12:43 am (UTC)(link)
Well said.

Good people can do bad things.

Bad people can do good things.

THAT'S the real nuance, and there's nothing wrong with thinking Snape was a bad person who did some good things.