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(Anonymous) 2017-03-20 12:25 am (UTC)(link)
People on Ao3 don't comment much. So if someone took the time out to leave a comment, it means they *really* liked your fic. If you're tired, or busy, or you can't figure out an interesting response, then don't reply. But IMO it's much less polite to not respond out of fear that people will think you're arrogant or "cheating" by inflating the comment count than it is to acknowledge that someone has tried to communicate with you. Or you can leave a note on the next chapter saying "Thanks for all the lovely comments".

What a weird fandom phenomenon where people reject other fans attempts to compliment them and possibly make friends out of fear of seeming rude or arrogant.

I'm one of those A03 readers who actually reads the other comments on fics I really like in hopes that someone, somewhere, is engaging in actual conversation about the fic.

Maybe A03 could please everyone by including a Facebook style ability to "heart" other people's comments so authors could acknowledge comments that way.