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Well, there's a few things you can do.

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There is a way to turn off commenting altogether. If a writer does this, I tend to think one of four things: that they have some sort of social anxiety, that they are too busy to reply to comments, that the story has something in it that will get people up in arms for whatever reason, or that they have a stalker-troll that they don't want to give a chance to engage. None of those reasons make me think less of a writer (except the third, if I think they were hate-writing or trolling the fandom).

There is also a way to moderate (you get to read them and approve them before they are publicly posted).

If you don't want to do those, then if people comment, I think it's polite though not a given, that you reply. You could write out a few set replies to have on hand for the readers who give quick comments to let you know that they liked your story, like: Thanks!, Thanks for reading!, I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and so on. Having those replies to hand could make it less nerve-wracking. Then for more detailed comments, reply to their specifics, if there's a question, answer it.

And there are always author's notes where you can spell out any issues you have with comments.