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Snape was upset that James flirted with Lily, both because he was jealous and because James and his friends bullied Snape mercilessly, apparently on a regular basis. That's hardly being jealous of "everyone." Also, it was as a direct consequence of an attack by the Marauders that an upside-down and humiliated Snape lost his shit and called Lily a Mudblood, so after that I imagine Snape's hatred of James was never going to die.

James and Lily didn't even get together until after Lily had kicked Snape out of her life. There was no "stealing." Snape and Lily weren't friends by that point. And nowhere in the books does Snape indicate that he thought Harry's existence "trapped" Lily with James.

No, Snape didn't give a shit about James or Harry being killed. He hated James, and Harry meant nothing to him. Yes, that's disgusting. But wanting to save Lily doesn't mean he felt entitled to her. It simply means she was the only person whose life he valued.

My take on it is that Snape hated Harry, not just because, as everybody points out, he looks like James, but because Lily died to save him. Harry survived at the cost of Lily's life. (I also think this is one reason Snape is so awful to Neville. He was the other possible target, and if Voldemort had gone after the Longbottoms, Lily might not have died.)

It's totally irrational, because Voldemort would never have hunted down the Potters in the first place if Snape hadn't reported the prophecy. Snape knows this, knows his part in Lily's death, yet it doesn't make him hate Harry any less.

Snape's interesting because he is so fucked up, because his feelings for Lily were genuine but obsessive and broken nonetheless, and because all the best things he did were motivated by guilt and grief. I love him because he's such a mess. It's no skin off my nose if people hate him, but I do find the Discourse-speak (Nice Guy, friendzoning, stalker, etc.) a projection that has noting to do with the story JKR was telling.