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[ SECRET POST #3866 ]

⌈ Secret Post #3866 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.



[Black Panther movie]


[Steve Whitmire, former voice and puppeteer for Kermit the Frog]


[Stranger Things]






[linked due to OP warning for sexual activity; Marilyn Manson's music video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)"]


[linked due to OP warning for nudity, non con/dub con; Melitta/Gannicus in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Ep. 2 "Missio"]


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(Anonymous) 2017-08-05 12:34 am (UTC)(link)
It's called squick. People tend to have them.

(Anonymous) 2017-08-05 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
Well not exactly. Squick is things that gross you out. Other people liking something that grosses you out can be okay. Calling something wrong and bad and worse than every other kink is beyond squick.

People tend to have squicks but that's not what the secret's about.

(Anonymous) 2017-08-05 01:02 am (UTC)(link)
Imo, it's just about self restraint and expressiveness. Squick generally brings negativity, so some people become angry about it. The question is are they going to blame fic writer and express their vexation? If they do, finding a moral ground to justify it is easy. Well, this's my opinion about kink bashing anyway.

(Anonymous) 2017-08-05 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
I think the most useful interpretation of YKINMK is "be careful not to confuse your squick for a moral objection".