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(Anonymous) 2017-08-08 11:37 pm (UTC)(link)
This argument is dumb on both sides. Under almost all circumstances bi and pan mean exactly the same thing, and anyone who insists otherwise is being silly. Like, I'm saying this as someone who uses them both pretty much interchangeably for myself. If someone prefers one or the other for themself, that's cool, but when people start whining about the terms other people are using, it's obnoxious. That goes both ways. Like, I and most of the people I know who call themselves bisexual define it as attraction to people of two or more genders, so it's annoying when people say that being attracted to trans/nonbinary people necessarily means pan and not bi. But I also find it really fucking obnoxious when people whine about other people deciding to call themselves pan, (@ other comments on this secret) when I'm just trying to be slightly more specific about like what kind of bi I am.
Basically, everyone who whines about people's choice of saying pan/bi is annoying and should cut it out.

(And anyway, it's inaccurate to call Time Lords bisexual OR pansexual, because OBVIOUSLY they're asexual and bi/pan romantic. Looms FTW. :p )