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Oh, I get the expectation of a 'yes''s just the public spectacle of it. Maybe it's just because I would hate it so much if someone did that to me. I can only hope that the proposer knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the proposee would be okay with that sort of thing hence my comment about having to second guess a little, maybe, if the my hypothetical proposer didn't take my own feelings into account.

Probably in most cases it's totally fine and it's my own discomfort speaking here.

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt is probably not possible, but in long-term relationships with marriage as a goal, people would probably have a good idea what their partners want out of a proposal. Obviously you shouldn't marry someone who didn't take your feelings into account, but why would we have to think this is happening in the first place? Most people tailor their proposals after ideas dropped by their partners, whether that be a highly public event or a moonlit waterfall setting.