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03. [SPOILERS for Okja]


04. [WARNING for possible discussion of child abuse]

(Top of the Lake)


05. [WARNING for discussion of rape]
[Twin Peaks 2017, linked for TV-sex]


06. [WARNING for possible discussion of abuse]


07. [WARNING for discussion of abuse]


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(Anonymous) 2017-08-12 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
Go where to watch them? Some are getting made but it's fewer than ever before and they aren't getting distributed. People want those mid budget films in their local cinemas and it's ridiculous for you to suggest they're already there. It doesn't make sense for Hollywood to make them anymore because people will balk at paying blockbuster prices for mid budget films. It's not like the studios, distributors, and cinema chains are suddenly going to agree to lower ticket prices. And those ticket prices have proven that profits can continue to break records despite less people buying the tickets than ever before. So we're left frustrated with little recourse but to voice our complaints.