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Languages evolve. If I recall, first uses of asexual as a word were to describe 'sexually cold' women ... which meant 'just probably not that into my husband' in 19th century. It was opposed to 'hysterical' which could have meant anything in the end, to be fair.

And the homoromantic, heteroromantic and others existed as descriptor for ages. I recall seeing even heterosexual homoromantics (likes opposite gender but forms relationships with same one). However, it has tended to mean which relationships one prefers more than romantic attraction but could have varied in different areas or whatnot.

New terms would be ones like demisexual and demiromantic so ... ones you mention are long past shiny and new stage. Also, adding lesbian or gay to asexual makes sense as they tend to cover any sort of homo- relationship, attraction and lifestyle part.

Point was - language always gets blurred at some point, moves to other terms or invents new ones.

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