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And see, I didn't like Hearts-- I think because while most Tales games invests me into most of the characters, Hearts never did that for me. But then I usually don't care too much about where the storyline goes, as long as the characters are engaging and well thought out.


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Have you played Final Fantasy IV? Hearts reminds me of FFIV in a lot of ways, and I think the simplistic protagonists are a part of that. They're not bad, exactly, but they tend to have a few specific traits and play those traits very strongly.
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I am actually re-playing FFIV-- and I have played a little bit of Hearts-- and I stopped right before you get Calcedony. I guess it just lacked the depth that I was accustomed to in most Tales games-- (though Tales of Zestiria also bugged me because it felt way too short-- I am used to Tales games seeming like they go on forever)