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⌈ Fandom!Secrets ⌋

⌈ _ R U L E S _ O F _ T H E _ G A M E _ ⌋

1.    Go ahead and join! The only thing you won't be able to do is post new entries. It works just like fandomsecrets on LJ; the moderator does a daily secret post, and everyone else comments there. As for everything else, send in submissions and comment away!

2.    All secrets must be fandom-related. "Fandom-related" can mean related to a certain or specific fandom (i.e. Final Fantasy or Harry Potter), related to a general fandom topic (i.e. yaoi,, cosplay), fanartists (i.e. fic authors, fan artists), or pretty much anything. As long as it is fandom-related and not pointlessly wanky, anyone can submit a secret. More information on secrets here.

3.    Any and all fandoms or fandom-related topics are welcome.

4.    However, "in-character" secrets are NOT allowed. No posting a secret "as Sasuke" declaring his undying love for Naruto. But, feel free to express your own OOC love for a certain character or how much you love a certain pairing, if you want. Fan boy/girl away.

5.    Please keep all secret-images under 750x750 pixels in size and please submit only one secret per comment. The first part is for users with slow internet connections and lower screen resolutions; the second part helps us keep track of the number of secrets we get per week and how much we have left to post.

6.    Anonymous comments on secret posts are allowed - as long as they don't randomly become personal attacks. IP addresses will not (usually) be logged, but comments and threads containing random personal attacks or wank can and will be deleted or frozen without warning. Secrets wise: If you make a secret saying that Harry Potter fans annoy you, that's fine. If you make one naming a specific author in Harry Potter fandom and ripping into her as a person, that is not fine.

7.    Any questions should be directed to the FAQ.

⌈ _ H O W _ T O _ P L A Y _ ⌋

1.    Each week (or whenever the list of secrets-to-be-posted runs out), one of the mods will put up a Secret Submissions Post in the community.

2.    Pick a fandom-related secret and put it onto an image of whatever you like! But try to keep it related to the secret, if possible. All types and ratings of images are fine; your "image" can be something as simple as plain old typed words on MS Paint. If you're unsure about how to do this, click here.

3.    Upload your secret-image onto the internet through whatever image-sharing service you like, then post a link to your secret-image as an anonymous comment to the current Secret Submissions Post. (You also can do it signed in, if you're worried about it going through. We won't tell.)

4.    If you have more than one secret to post, post each as a separate comment.

5.    Be sure to include all warnings that apply to your secret-image along with the comment. Also, you are responsible for knowing where the link to your image goes; we will not take the blame for broken links or any wank created by someone else discovering who submitted a certain secret through your personal image-sharing account. (Hint: Don't use photobucket.)

6.    That's it! Wait for your secret to be posted in one of the following secret posts! Secret posts will be done once every day around 7PM EST.

7.    Any suggestions, comments, or concerns can be posted here.

WARNING:    Any secret depicting fanfic/fanart in the image will be taken down upon the request of the original author/artist.

⌈ _ L E G A L _ J A Z Z _ ⌋

[community profile] fandomsecrets isn't affiliated with anything or anyone it doesn't claim to be except its creators, we don't make money off this, none of the secrets posted here are copyrighted to us, and stuff.

⌈ _ E T C _ ⌋

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