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[Game of Thrones, Tormund/Brienne]


[Anna Faris]


[The Defenders]


[Me Before You/Still Me (novel series) /Book: Still Me by Christopher Reeve]


[James Cameron vs. Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman]


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I've been in this place. Depressed for years, block started in 2008 but didn't get hardcore until 2010 when all my fics ground to a halt (along with me life, but that's another whinge), I couldn't finish anything or get anywhere with anything new, couldn't even try to. I felt fucked up over it for years.

Last year, I won NaNoWriMo for the very first time after 8 failed tries (roughly since my block got bad). It's the first original story I've completed since I was a kid, the longest story I've ever written, period. It's pretty shit (needs so many revisions), but it's mine, it's finished, and I'm proud of it.

Fanfic writing hasn't really come back to me, I don't know that it ever will, and I really miss it. I'm not out of the woods yet, every goddamn thing is a struggle. But I found a little hope that I can still try to do this, and maybe you can too.