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Hmm, I think one or two people in this thread definitely seem uncomfortable with him getting any redemption (considering he does die for Peter and has some acknowledgement of his own flaws in the end, you can't say it's a consensus that he doesn't) and are saying it wasn't sad to see him go period, not prematurely. Forgive me for acknowledging those opinions have their place even if I misunderstood them.

My point is that the movie doesn't really ask us to be as forgiving of Yondu as Peter himself is able to be because the bittersweet reality of his upbringing is that he could have ended up with much worse than Yondu after he lost his mom, so the story doesn't really need to earn that emotional resolution in a drawn-out way for me, but I can understand people being put off by the sentimental redemption being achieved in the seemingly easy way.