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Just a general note --

.gifs are fine. Everybody loves .gifs. Images, too.

But if you're going to post a .gif or image in the comments that contains sex/obvious sexual things/porn/epic violence/gore etc etc, please just link it instead of embedding. Some nudity is all right as long as it's not sexual -- you know what I mean, just think twice.

As a note: this is NOT the same thing as triggers and I'm NOT requiring anybody to warn for anything (though that'd be nice of you). Just following the basic TOS of the site and making sure this comm is NOT 18+ only -- the same reason things like epic guro and porn in actual secrets are only linked.

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So: embed for safe under-18 stuff:


and link to not:

Ok, got it. :)

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let Keanu eat his depressed sandwiches in peace

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She we mark for NsFW like some secrets are marked?

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The Doctor approves.
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Thank you.
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Was this about the Black Metal penises, cuz they weren't exactly porn? Or was there some other filth going on that I missed?

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I thought it might have been a gif from a certain scene in True Blood. It contained both sex and epic violence and I've seen it in circulation.

I really wish I hadn't. :(
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Which episode...? ): (hope it's not one of the two most recent that I haven't yet gotten around to watching...)

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Pretty sure it was from the two most recent because I saved the .gifs in question. (well, the two TB ones that I saw, anyway.) It was sex and bondage in those two. Dunno about any others that might've been posted.
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Oh. Well, someone said violent, so I was thinking "man, more violent than it's been already...? ):"
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I'll be watching that one... CAREFULLY. Thanks for the heads up, even if indirect! (:

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So you don't have to watch the whole episode on edge. ;) --

It's the last scene of the latest episode.

I just lolled. It was way ridiculous.

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Somehow I knew that's what this was about before I even read the comments.

That scene is still hilarious though.
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Oh good, so long as I don't have to feel guilty about posting hilarious penis :D

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I'm curious about these hilarious penises now.
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Alas, ImageShack ate the first one, but my reply one's still there :/

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I am going to hell for laughing. I hope he knew what he was doing. Otherwise, I hope he felt a nice, cool breeze down there.

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Clearly I've been missing some interesting comment threads.

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Oh, it definitely is; it's Kurando and Anastasia, specifically. Shadow Hearts is my all time favorite game. But how could you NOT love that game?

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But if you're going to post a .gif or image in the comments that contains sex/obvious sexual things/porn/epic violence/gore
And I stopped reading right there, cos I'D never do that, anyway.
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Epic thanks, man. It may not be a trigger, but it can be pretty upsetting.
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For serious. I mean, I can adblock it, but I still have to LOOK AT IT in order to know to do that

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Pfft, people need to grow some balls. pun intended

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Sorry i was just trolling