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F!S Anon Meme (the Sixth)

Secrets, rants, opinions, anything you want to say about your fandom or a fandom or fandom in general, do it here! Anonymously, of course. Get it all off your chest.

Some ground rules:
1. Going anon is encouraged but not absolutely required (for those who struggle with recaptchas and stuff).
2. No autoplaying/autolooping embeds, or embeds that cover/stretch the screen.
3. No dropping personal info or IRL contact info, etc.

That's about it, though!

I'll be linking some general/general-fandom threads I see so people don't repost new threads with the same stuff.

Obscure Fandom thread
What timezone are you in?
What games are you playing?
Fandom Love thread
Popular characters you can't stand
Hated characters that you love

Secret Submissions post for next week is below.

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