Someone wrote in [community profile] fandomsecrets 2017-07-15 08:11 pm (UTC)

TBH I don't even understand the basic line of reasoning in the first place. How fucking many stories are actually, genuinely creative and novel in a good way? It's very rare. Mostly we get variations on the same stories, told with varying degrees of skill. Fuck off if you're going to tell me that Age of Ultron was deeply "new and interesting", you know?

I personally really like well-made movies that make use of familiar plot structures and situations and tropes. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, and to be honest anyone who suggested that there was would make me kind of angry. Like, who would really be out there saying that there would be something wrong about wanting another good Indiana Jones movie? It's a completely absurd idea.

Doing gender-swapped version of movies would be justifiable even if it were only a way to get more well-made versions of those tropes. And of course it offers more potential than that. The idea that genderswaps are bad because they don't really result in anything new and interesting is an absurd, nonsensical, harmful, idiotic bar to set up for them to clear, and it's honestly making me kind of angry IRL thinking about the idea.

I'm all grumpy now dang it. And usually thinking about gender-swapped stories makes me really happy.

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