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I get where replying to reviews on AO3 can read as review inflation in some people's eyes, but at the same time, the site put the reply button underneath people's reviews for a reason. If they didn't want writers to reply to reviews that way, I figure they would've set up a PM feature or something instead for people to respond through. And besides that, many writers have had some fun conversations get going through the comment sections on AO3 as well, so... *Shrugs* I just see the comment sections on there as a good way to chat more than anything else.

Anywho, I personally do reply to every review, both to thank people for taking the time to read the story and leave a comment and because I enjoy the fun discussions that have come from talking to others about the fandom and the characters and such.

But it's up to each individual person to decide how they want to deal with that. Some people only respond to lengthy reviews and leave the "This is good, please update!" ones be, some just aren't very chatty and don't reply at all, if somebody's the sort who gets TONS of reviews to the point where they have difficulty keeping up they might do a general "Thanks to everyone who's reviewed this!" comment. Whatever method you think would work best for you is fine :).