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(Anonymous) 2017-03-21 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
"But then I'm also kinda weird that I headcanon characters as virgins and I stop reading if my pet virgin is mentioned to have had his cherry popped already."

Lol I feel you. This isn't a thing for all characters--there are plenty of characters where I feel they've had sex before, just not usually with men. But generally I do back-button if a straight (as in mentioned it in canon) character suddenly offhandedly mentions having had gay sex and being attracted to men, just because it's part of that OOC thing I was talking about. I don't mind reading smut that has them slowly discovering themselves (usually with my character of choice, I admit), but I'm not a fan of retconning canon pasts/parts of a character's personality just to brush over that part of things since in my mind that's a huge part of said characters actually getting together. If a guy has mentioned in canon that he's not into other men, why is he suddenly some cock-hungry beast in your fic with no explanation? That drives me nuts. I'd prefer reading about the straight character navigating his sudden feelings of love and attraction to someone of the same sex.

(Part of what drives me insane is that the characters that are suddenly cock-hungry beasts are characters where it's so damn ridiculous too a lot of the time. Half of the characters I'm thinking of seem like they could barely score a kiss much less have a secret past full of casual sex with both genders (or just men or just women).)

"Would still happily read about my OTP having happy enthusiastic sex every day of the week, though."

I think that goes without saying. :D