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(Anonymous) 2017-08-07 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
I'll add Spike from Buffy to it

I've never seen Angel, so I can't comment on his his character was handled there, but as far as BTVS goes, I think comparing Spikes "redemption" to most other villain redemptions is apples to oranges.

The show never acted like he was redeemed in S5 when he got the chip in his head and had to stop hurting people, and it never acted like he was redeemed when he fell for Buffy, and it never acted like he was redeemed when he let himself be tortured to protect her, and it never acted like he was redeemed when he spent the months after Buffy's death looking after Dawn, and it never acted like he was redeemed when he and Buffy started fucking. The show didn't even treat Spike deliberately getting his soul back as redemption. It merely acknowledged that soul-having Spike was not exactly the same person non-soul-having Spike was. There was a part of soul-having Spike that was innocent, and therefore didn't need to be redeemed, as well as the demon part, that had done a very self-sacrificing and shockingly non-evil thing, but that could nonetheless probably never be truly redeemed.

If Spike, as a whole, was ever treated by the show as a "redeemed" character, it was only in the last moments of the final episode, when he sacrificed himself to save the world. And in that case, it becomes kind of moot whether he's redeemed or not. I mean, he gave up everything to save everything - that's as close to redeemed as an irredeemable person can ever get. Is it redeemed? I don't know, but he's dead so why bother splitting hairs?