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Clarification on secrets.

1. Opinions stated like secrets (e.g. "I think XYZ rules. I'm afraid to tell my friends because they all hate its fandom.") will be posted. But opinions stated like fact (e.g. "LMN sucks!" "OPQ > all! fandom will eat me for some explained reason!") will not. We get that you think so. Okay. But why is that a secret?

2. Random stuff on fandom images ("I love you" with a Final Fantasy background) will not be posted. Secret on fandom image != fandomsecret. Make it clear how it's related to some sort of fandom or something related to a fandom (you met through fandom, et cetera) unless the image does so.

3. Personal attacks. Secrets without names blurred (or something along those lines) that bash a specific person. Flame a fic, fanart, character, or fandom all you like, but when it gets to specific people, they won't be posted at all.

Goes into effect as of now.

End public service announcement. (:

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I just love it when you service the public. ^^

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Dood. Public Announcements with a Prinny? Now that's just low. That's like... y'know! Blackmail! 'Do this or the penguin gets thrown indiscriminately!'

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Thank you! Especially for number 1.

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As long as there's less wank and more actual fandom secrets, fine with me! ♥

Seriously. If you don't want to get bit, don't bite in the first place.

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Don't wanna sound like an ass kisser but I agree with all these rules.

...Not working is it?

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ext_6137: Yoruichi is really hot :D (Default)

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Thanks for making it clearer.

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Damn. I think some of my recently submitted secrets weren't worded in a way that complies with all #1. I should've been more careful.

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I think it's their fault in deciding to post them. LOL.

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THANK YOU ♥ For all of the filtering guidelines to keep what gets posted actual secrets and not rants or soapbox moments.
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Were you getting an abundance of secrets and this helped trim them? I'm assuming from three there were some complaints.

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weren't these already the rules?

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Oh, but, the personal attack secrets cause the most ridiculous wank!

...No, I know, it's for the greater good and people's feelings and all >>; And thankyouthankyou for the other two rules.

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Just remember the mods are all immature and Case sucks dick. XD

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Does not being posted mean not being posted at all? Or being posted at the bottom in the not!fandom, not!secret, whatever section?

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karel: (forcystus; crazy bitch)

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I like public service announcements. They make me feel warm and fuzzy. Can I have some of that servicing too? ♥

(thanks for the clarification and stuff.)

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*insert joke about Jiffy Lube*

And I agree with the three rules.

4.) [ profile] samuraiter is only allowed to respond to three secrets per post.

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As long as there's less wank and more actual fandom secrets, fine with me! ♥

Pretty much agree with this comment and the clarification. Thanks for posting this! ♥

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Oh thank goodness, I'm so glad these new rules are in place! Secrets were starting to get a bit stagnant with all the wankity stuff. :(

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IAWTC. Thanks, mods ♥ :D

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I am still a wee bit new to this community but... have these always been the rules? Because if they were, your people posting secrets don't always follow the rules. -.-; Because of an not-blurred-name secret I ended up being trolled by several people before someone clued me into this comm, what was going on, and why I was being trolled out of no where.

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Er, not to wank, but is 3 still okay if the name isn't said? Like instead of "I think fandomperson123 is an idiot for XYZ," it's "I think you're an idiot for XYZ." Just addressed to the emo "you."

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Does 3 apply to RPG and communities (groups of people)?

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But the personal!attack!secrets are the most fun ones! D: D:

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It might be helpful to give some pointers on how to make it clear that something is a fandom secret, as well. I've seen several secrets posted as not!fandom that I immediately recognized as fandom, but which someone who isn't familiar with those particular fandoms would have no reason to think were fandom-related.
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Flame a fic, fanart, character, or fandom all you like

wait, I'm confused.

so not only is [ profile] fandomsecrets a secrets comm, but it's a rant/bash/flame comm as well?

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Taking stuff out of context ftw!

(Anonymous) 2008-01-13 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Is it allowed to post a secret about [ profile] fandomsecrets itself?

I feel stupid, LOL!

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I can't find the rules for how big a secret picture can be, even though I have seen the post before and have been looking for it again for a couple of days now because I have a secret I want to make. I forgot the maximum pixel size!

Could this be added to the FAQ or to the journal profile page, or given a more obvious link on that page? I remember having trouble finding it the first time, too, and stumbling on it kind of by accident. Maybe it's just me....

Thanks. :-)

Re: I feel stupid, LOL!

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