22 December 2011 @ 07:49 pm
Since people pointed out Saturday isn't enough time to see what LJ is doing with this or about this, moved the potential moving date to New Years' - 1/1/2012.

[Poll #1805208]

The other poll is closed and this one will be open until Dec 31st! You can edit your vote by going here.

As a note, I'm completely willing to either stay or move. Updating the comm is easy enough for me either way.

More details regarding the comment page changes and what would happen. )

7 - Tried the LJ workaround, give me your thoughts? Also contains links to what FS would look like on DW. Feedback on either/both?

8 - http://fandomsecrets.livejournal.com/811020.html?thread=511056908#t511056908 A good summary of the whole thing here by [livejournal.com profile] demarafis.

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21 December 2011 @ 02:06 pm
The new commenting system on LJ sucks, I think we can all agree (and all the other prospective design changes seem to be speeding it down the path of no return). Knowing LJ, it's probably not going to change no matter how much anybody complains, and as this comm is heavily based on user comments, it's probably time to consider moving. Dreamwidth is the closest to LJ's old format and has a large fandom base, and seems the best alternative for now.

So -

[Poll #1804842]

Other thoughts?

(As a note, I'm completely willing to either stay or move. Updating the comm is easy enough for me either way.)

ETA - It's not only about subject lines. Others have written up potential problems better than I could:
ETA 4 - http://lj-releases.livejournal.com/71858.html?thread=7952050#t7952050

ETA 2 - For those worried about possibly needing to make DW accounts to comment, if a move happens: you don't need one! OpenID will let you comment as an LJ user (in the same way Facebook users can comment on LJ).

ETA 3 - For those worried about missing updates: I can crosspost to LJ to let you know a post is up, I don't mind that (it's like a minute of extra work, no problem) - if the DW move happens though, the comments would be over there.

ETA 5 - Apparently, this is what we're getting next year.
09 November 2011 @ 08:20 pm
It'd hit it/I ship it, take two.

Two things to keep in mind before you vote!

1) Shipping/hitting secrets are still allowed currently as long as there's something more to the secret than the single sentiments "I ship it" or "I'd hit it." The only hit/ship secrets that get put in the failbar are the ones that don't have any other content besides "I ship it" or "I'd hit it." This vote is about the latter category, not the former.

2) Realize that as soon as secrets like the above are allowed back in, we'll have trolls spamming the submissions post with dozens of images with only "I ship it" or "I'd hit it" on them (probably of completely random/unrelated characters). So, prepare for a ton of spam along with the genuine secrets, since something as simple as "I ship it" or "I'd hit it" gives me no context with which to judge whether it's a spam troll or not.

[Poll #1793780]

As a side note, 'this is my ___-spiration' are going to remain gone and that's final, as all that became was pretty much a contest to find the best pun that ends in '-spiration' (and it's not so much different to say 'this inspires me to ___' in the first place).
20 April 2011 @ 08:11 pm
I'm really sorry about spamming all your friendslists this way, but here, have a third poll. Definitive, this time.

[Poll #1732200]

Weekend posts will be at the regular 4PM time, by the way - I don't think anyone was against that idea.
18 April 2011 @ 08:48 pm
Since people were calling for a revised poll (excluding the 12-2PM option), here you go!

[Poll #1731514]

(Eastern time is -4:00/5:00 GMT, depending on daylight savings.)

((Note that the 6-7 is AM, not PM. The 8-11 is PM, not AM.))

ETA: Additionally, how would you feel about keeping it at the usual 4PM Eastern on weekends? That's totally doable. Say what you think in comments maybe?
16 April 2011 @ 02:54 am
IRL schedule changes mean FS schedule changes, unfortunately. ):

[Poll #1730610]

(Eastern time is -4:00/5:00 GMT, depending on daylight savings.)

Changes go into effect Monday!
05 January 2011 @ 04:34 pm
Since it's been a while:

[Poll #1664641]

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27 October 2010 @ 04:57 pm
These are kind of fun to see, huh?

[Poll #1637211]

Categories separated according to key ages in Livejournal's rules. Under 14 = no adult concepts, under 18 = no explicit content, et cetera -- the rest are just every 5 years.

If it's two weeks from your birthday and you're turning something that puts you in the next bracket, put whichever you want. I'm not gonna tell you you're wrong!

And today's post is up below. :)
26 October 2010 @ 06:31 pm
While we're doing scientifically-unsound polls, might as well do this one too!

[Poll #1636721]

Only separated out the major/predominantly English-speaking nations because there are probably way more of even one of those than any of the others combined.

This isn't about politics, it's about geographical, physical location. You don't have to identify as an American to be from the US! Chill!
26 October 2010 @ 04:49 pm
Was just wondering, after all the discussion of the majority of FS being female -- what exactly is the ratio?

[Poll #1636682]

I'm not judging who goes into what category here, you tell me! No one else can see what you vote anyway.

Also, today's post is up. :)